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Department of Management
Professor in Human Resource Management

Faculty position :

  • Associate Professor

Contacts :

ISG International Business School
8 rue de Lota
F-75116 Paris
Tél: + 33 1 56 26 10 01

Rosana SILVEIRA REIS has 29 years of experience in HRM, 15 of them she has been a Manager in a large companies. Since 2000 she has been teaching HRM and Organizational Behavior in graduation and MBA courses. Currently, she is Associate Professor at ISG - Paris, France. She is also regular visiting professor at Fundação Dom Cabral – FDC, Brazil and Invited professor in MBA program at IMPS Business School in Brno, Czech Republic. She received her scientific master in Business Administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and in 2010, her Ph.D. in Management from the University of Bologna (Italy).

  • Her research focuses on International HRM, Cross-Cultural Management, Creativity and Innovation, and Global Teams.
  • Teaching Areas

    • Course 1 - Human Resource Management
    • Course 2 - International Human Resource Management
    • Course 3 - Cross-Cultural Management
    • Course 4 - Organization Behavior

    Research Interests

    • Interest 1 – Creativity & Innovation
    • Interest 2 – Organization and Globally Distributed Teams
    • Interest 3 – Human Resource Management


    • 2010 :PhD in Management Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy
    • 2000 :MSc in Business Administration, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
    • 1996 :Specialization: Coordinator for Interpersonal Development Groups and Specialist in Group Dynamics, Associação Brasileira de Dinâmica de Grupo, Brazil
    • 1994 :MBA, Amana Key Group, Brazil
    • 1992 :Policy and Strategy, ADESG - Escola Superior de Guerra,Brazil
    • 1985 :Post Graduate in Marketing, FAE Centro Universitário, Brazil
    • 1984 :Post Graduate in Human Resources, FAE Centro Universitário, Brazil
    • 1981 :Graduation in Pedagogy, Tuiuti University, Brazil

    Teaching Experience

    • 2010 - Present: Full time Professor of Human Resource Management at ISG, Paris-FR
    • 2011 - Present: Regular Visiting Professor of Human Resource Management at FDC – Fundaçao Dom Cabral, Belo Horizonte-BR
    • 2009: Professor of Organization Behavior at ESSEC, Cergy-FR
    • 1999 - 2004: Professor of Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior at Positivo University, Curitiba-BR
    • 2003 : Invited Professor of Master in Negotiation at College OPET (Curitiba, BR) and Contestado University (Mafra, BR)
    • 2003 - 2005: Professor of Master in Human Resource Management at UNICURITIBA – Curitiba University Center, BR
    • 1994 - 1999:Professor of Human Resource Management at FAE Centro Universitario, Curitiba-BR

    Other professional experiences

    • Branch Manager, Manpower, Brazil (1997 – 1999)
    • Director, RReis & Associates – Business Consulting, Brazil (1993 – 1997)
    • Manager of Human Resource, SERPRO – Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados, Brazil, (1986 – 1993)
    • Human Resource Analyst, Banestado Informatica, Brazil, (1985 – 1986)
    • In charge of Personnel Development, Automaton Industria e Comercio, Brazil (1984 – 1985)


    Chapters in Books

    • 2014: Global Talent Management in Brazil: Jeitinho as a managerial talent. In Ariss, A.A. (Ed.), Global Talent Management – Challenges, Strategies and Opportunities. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing: pp 123-140.
    • 2013: Innovation management reflexions: a Brazilian market perspective. In Brem, A. & Viardot, E. (Ed.), Evolution of Innovation Management - New ways for innovations in an international context. Basingstoke, UK : Palgrave Macmillan
    • 2011: Knowledge integration in creative process of globally distributed teams. In Al-Shammari, M. (Ed.), Knowledge Management in Emerging Economies: Social, Organizational and Cultural Implementation. Hershey, PA: IGI Global Press.

    Articles in Journals

    • 2015: Creative process within globally distributed teams: Brazil, Sweden, France and India. Management and Organization Studies Journal, 2(1). [Reis, R.S.]
    • 2012: Bridging rigor and relevance: Weber’s research approach to understand knowledge integration in creative processes spanning over time and space. International Journal of Organization Analysis, 20(1): 82-94. [Curzi, Y. & Reis, R.S.]
    • Rezaee, A., Fernandes, B., Appio, J. & Reis, R.S. “How financial performance can be influenced by Firm's HRM practices?” (In review process)
    • Reis, R.S. & Schlemm, M.M. “Trust dynamics and communication process in globally distributed teams” (In review process)
    • Salum, F., Reis, R.S. & Schlemm, M.M. “Innovation process in midsize companies on emerging economies: A discussion of the Brazilian context” (In review process)

    Management Articles

    • 2005: Vol. 1 - Entrepreneurial Life (Empreendedorismo - 1 - Vida Empreendedora). Curitiba: 13 de Junho 2005, Special supplement to the Journal Gazeta do Povo. [Pires Péricles;. Bastos Alexandre A.P.; Reis, Rosana S. & Yamamoto Cleusa S.]
    • 2005: Vol. 2 - The use of Creativity (Empreendedorismo - 2 - O uso da criatividade). Curitiba: 14 de Junho 2005, Special supplement to the Journal Gazeta do Povo. [Reis, Rosana S.; Bastos Alexandre A.P.; Pires Péricles; Prates, Rodolfo P. & Yamamoto Cleusa S.]
    • 2005: Vol. 5 - Survive and Grow (Empreendedorismo – 5 – Sobreviver e crescer). Curitiba: 17 de Junho 2005, Special supplement to the Journal Gazeta do Povo. [Bastos Alexandre A.P.; Pires Péricles; Prates, Rodolfo P.; Reis, Rosana S. & Yamamoto Cleusa S.]

    Didatic Folder:

    • 2002: Appraising job positions through the Point-Scoring Methodology (Avaliação de cargos através do Método de Pontos). [Fernandes, B. & Reis, R. S.]

    Video Lesson

    • Evaluation of Performance (Avaliação de Desempenho), realized by DTCOM – Educação e Comunicação Corporativa (

    Working Papers

    • Reis, R.S. & Salum, F.A. Organizational structure improving the relations in a global context: nominated by the chair of International Management Division (AOM) among of the three finalists for the prize “The Robert H. Schaffer Award for the Best Paper in Applied International Management”.
    • Reis, R.S. & Van-Heck, E. Creativity performance of globally distributed engineering team: A cocktail of Brazilian Jeitinho, French Bricolage, and Swedish Kalmar.
    • Reis, R.S., Sant’Anna, A. & Quental, C. Global leader: The interplay between national culture and leadership theories

    Conference Presentations


    • AOM 2013 - Orlando, FL
      Finalists for the prize “The Robert H. Schaffer Award for the Best Paper in Applied International Management” Reis, R.S. & Salum, F.A. “Organizational structure improving the relations in a global context”
    • AOM 2011 – Texas, USA
      Chair of PDW: “Global competencies: East and West, the pursuit of the complementarities”
    • AOM 2010 - Montreal, CA
      Divisional Paper Session (oral presentation)
      Reis, R.S. & Curzi, Y. "Understanding knowledge integration over time and space"
    • Chair of PDW: Competences and Organizational Learning; Critical Management Studies Workshop
      Reis, R.S. & Curzi, Y. “Bridging rigor and relevance: Weber’s research approach to understand knowledge integration in creative processes spanning over time and space”
    • AOM 2009 – Chicago, USA
      Critical Management Studies Division
      “Unfolding creative process in GDT”


    • EGOS 2014 – Rotterdam, NL
      Sub-theme: Language and Leadership
      Reis, R.S.; Sant’Anna, A. & Quental, C. “Global leader: The interplay between traits of Brazilian national culture and transformational leadership”
    • EGOS 2012 – Helsinki, FI
      Sub-theme: Design for Global organization
      Reis, R.S. & Salum, F.A. “The redesign of global structure of innovation: the case study of Vallourec Group”
    • EGOS 2011 – Gothenburg, SE
      Sub-theme/workshop: The Challenges of Organizing in Emerging Economies
      Reis, R.S.; Heck, E. & Quental, C. “Creativity and innovation in reassembling organization’s context: The case study of VM line in Brazil”
    • EGOS 2010 – Lisbon, PO
      Sub-theme 6: Assembling Global and Local: Practice-Based Studies of Globalization in Organization.
      Reis, R.S. & Curzi, Y. “Assembling knowledge and people over time and space”.
      Sub-theme 18: Practices of Coordination and the Coordination of Organizational Practices
      Reis, R.S. “The actual ongoing process of coordinating cooperation in globally distributed teams”
    • EGOS 2009 – Barcelona, ES
      Sub theme: New ways to work: Organizing work and working practices.
      Reis, R.S. & Salum, F.A.
    • EGOS 2008 – Amsterdam, NL
      Sub theme: Breakdown of Trust Relations in Organizations
      Reis, R.S. & Schlemm, M.M.
    • EGOS 2007 – Vienna, AU
      Sub theme: Professional service organizations and knowledge-intensive work
      Mattarelli, E.; Reis, R.S. & Tagliaventi, M.

    EURAM – European Academy of Management

    • EURAM 2014 – European Academy of Management, Valencia, SP
      Track: Organizational Behavior
      Reis, R.S. & Schlemm, M.M. “Understanding the trust dynamics in creative process of globally distributed teams”
    • EURAM 2013 – European Academy of Management, Istanbul, TU
      Vice-chair Track: Identity in organizations: Challenges and opportunities
    • EURAM 2012 – European Academy of Management, Rotterdam, NL
      Vice-chair Track: Identity in organizations: Challenges and opportunities
    • EURAM 2011 – European Academy of Management, Tallin, ES
      Track: Organizational behavior: new frontiers in the 21st century
      Reis, R.S. & Chevalier, F. “Managing creativity in a cross cultural context”
    • EURAM 2009 – European Academy of Management, Liverpool, UK
      Track: International Management, Leadership and HRM, Reis, R.S.


    • IAMOT 2013
      22nd International Conference for Management of Technology
      Righi, H.; Salum, F.A. & Reis, R.S. “The Barriers to Innovate in Brazil”
    • ENANPAD 2012 – Rio de Janeiro, BR
      XXXVI Encontro – Tema: Gestão de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação
      Reis, R.S. & Van Heck, E. “Demystifying the Creative Process by Globally New Product Development Teams”
    • CCC 2012 – Berlin, DE
      Culture, Communication and Creativity Conference
      Reis, R.S.; Van Heck, E. & Quental, C. “Creativity performance of globally distributed engineering team in Brazil, France and Sweden”
    • INBAM 2010 – Valencia, ES
      International Network of Business & Management Journals - “Creativity and Innovation in an International Context”; Track: Human Resources Management
      Paper: Unfolding creative process in development of new products within globally distributed teams

    Research Groups:

    • "Innovation Policy and Practice for Sustainable Industrial Development"
      Coordinator: Marcos Muller Schlemm (PUC – Brazil)
      Research Team:
      John Danner and Clark Kellogg (Haas School of Business, USA), Rosana S. Reis (ISG – Paris); Marcio Spinosa (PUC – Brazil)
    • "Atelier de l'Innovation"
      Informal French group of research, focus: Human Resources and Innovation
      Coordinator: Philippe Bourgeois

    Responsible for the organization of:

      Responsible for organization of the Seminaries in Brazil for groups of teachers and MBA students in August 2007. Universidade Positivo, Curitiba (BR)
    • VI and VII CONPARH
      Paraná Congress of Human Resources, 1996 and 1997, Curitiba (BR)
      Brazilian Association of Training & Development, 1993, Curitiba (BR)

    Seminaries & Courses as Invited Professor and Speaker

    • Professor:
      Fundação Dom Cabral
      Course: Changement – August 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil (16hours)
      Program: Unimed Women Leadership
    • Speaker at 3o. Forum of Managers from Secretary of Administration of Goiás.
      Lecture: "How to innovate: the commitment of the leaders", December 2013, Goiania-GO, Brazil.
    • Speaker at Brazil National Forum of Secretaries of Administration State – 91° CONSAD.
      Lecture: The Evolution of Leadership in the Public Sector , September 2013, Belem-PA, Brazil.
    • Speaker at Forum “The scope of the law” for the Delegates of Federal Police of Brazil.
      Lecture: Identity and Leadership, August 2013, Brasilia-DF, Brazil.
    • Speaker at II International Congress of Management at FEEVALE University.
      Lecture: Innovation and Human Behavior, June 2013, Novo Hamburgo-RS, Brazil.
    • Speaker at MINAS Benchmarking Center of Innovation.
      Lecture: Innovation & Organization Behavior, May 2013, Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil.
    • Shareholder Development Partnership Program
      Fundação Dom Cabral
      Course: Organization Culture – 21 November 2011, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (4hours)
      Course: Integration and Commitment – 18 November 2011, Curitiba, Brazil (8 hours)
    • COMn Internacionalização (Connection-organizations-world)
      Fundação Dom Cabral & ApexBrasil
      Course: Cross-Cultural Management – 28 November 2011, Brasília, Brazil (8 hours)
      Course: Talent and Leadership – 29 November 2011, São Paulo, Brazil (8 hours)
    • International Conference:
      Social entrepreneurship: Broking knowledge in the future & Knowledge Management Seminary - Knowledge integration in globally distributed teams: the social side of the creativity
      Valencia, Spain – 20th and 21st July 2011
    • International MBA
      Brno International Business School (Czech Republic)
      Courses : Cross-Cultural Management (20 hours) and International HRM (20 hours)
      December 2010; April 2012; April 21013; May 2013, March and April 2014.

    Professional Associations

    Member of :

    • AOM - Academy of Management
    • EGOS – European Group of Organisation Studies
    • EURAM – European Academy of Management


    Portuguese (native language)
    English (fluent)
    Italian (fluent)
    French (intermediate)
    Spanish (reading)

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